Since 2001, we have serviced our partners in Iceland. It is our believe that with the right partner you can achieve anything.


Our Mission

We share your responsibilities and targets as if they were our own. Our solutions are dynamically managed with the aim to: Reduce risk. Enhance returns. Control costs.

family office services

Our Family Office services represents a center of service and stability to assist families with stewarding their wealth, thereby ensuring the preservation and growth of their financial assets and their family heritage. The family office aggregates and integrates resources to facilitate asset protection, cost control, financial education, family philanthropy and a host of other shared needs.

Investment Bonds

As an alternative to physically owning property as an investment, and also a way to invest using smaller sums, Property Investments Bonds are one such solution. Olive Tree Investments have the exclusive distribution rights to investment bonds that allow you to invest in much smaller amounts, with fixed returns but still with the comfort of full security.

Real estate investing

High quality property investments in UK. We work closely with our partners to find the right solution and project that fits your investment style.